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The Kalapaki Komedy Klub - Night Life on Kauai

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When in Hawaii do as the Hawaiians do right? Well, this week we're going to talk about Laughing. That's right, A Comedy Club on Kauai. Ed Ka'ahea's Kalapaki Komedy Klub in Nawiliwili. Nowhere else but on Kaka'i could you get away with a clubv name whose initials are KKK, but Ed pulls it off in style. Make your rezzies for the dinner and show every Friday Night.

Ed and his friends will keep you laughing and tapping your feet for over two hours starting off with about 40 minutes of music and journeyman songster Michael Barretto (Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues Band) all the way through the funniest comics in Hawaii.

The Cafe Portofino is a pretty nice house. Award winning restaurant owner Giuseppe Avocadi serves up an excellent Mediterranean menu to start off the evening.

A little background...
Since the EAAARRRLY seventies, Ed Ka'ahea has been at the center of the Hawaiian comedy scene. Early fame came to Ed when he, Rap Replinger, and James Grant Benton put together the now legendary comedy team "Booga Booga." The worst possible thing happened... people actually started listening to them. Booga Booga played everywhere, garnering laughs wherever they went.

They were young, invincible, and FUNNY! The team and laughter continued on for decades. The only one of the old boys left today is Ed. He's still funny, just kinda old. His current show, "Hairy Ears, Rolaids, and Day Old Poi" is a poignant testament to Hawaii's Boomer generation.

Join Ed and his friends every Friday night at the Kalapaki Komedy Klub, Cafe Portofino, Kauai Marriott. Laugh.

Prices are $20 in advance, $25 at the door $75 for dinner and show, and special group pricing. Call 808.634.6397 or 808.639.0789

Click here to go to the Website: Kalapaki Komedy Klub

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