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Kona Side Shoreline - Big Island

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I've walked and fished along the coastlines of five islands... Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island and, being the biggest Island, Hawaii has the greatest variety of types of fishing grounds. Right now, I want to start on the Kona side, South Kohala.

The airport a Keahole is a good place to start. Just north you can pull into the state park there and get to the coast for a look-see. No sand here but good for casting from shore. You can make your way along the rocks for miles here. Almost all the way to Kawaihae if you like.. but that'd take you a couple of days. Probably easier to just get out of the car and walk a bit then move along.

I dived from there as far north as Anaehoomalu at Waikoloa. Great skindiving and snorkeling all the way, and the net fishing is great in certan places. I have to warn you about the wana ... sea urchin.

I was net-fishing a few weeks ago and fell into one. It was the worst wana hit I ever had and put me out of commission for nearly a week. The entire palm of my left hand was black from the spines that had broken off in my flesh. Believe you me. not a pleasant experience. Be very careful when around the reefs here in Hawaii. As beautiful as things appear, there are some nasty surprises that await you underwater.

There is no real proven way to treat wana (sea urchin) wounds. Soak in hot water and vinegar... that's about all you can do... that and moan for a few days. I found that a good shot of whiskey helped. (Personally I prefer Glenlivet but I hear that Jim Beam works pretty good too)

So there I was at Makalawena. It is a wondrful bay about three or four miles past the Keahole airport toward Kawaihae. You can drive down there but be forewarned. It isd BuMpYyY! Just take your time and most cars can make it. The trip is well worth the rock and roll. This is one of the finer beaches on the Kona side. Great snorkeling, good fishiong or just loll about in the sand. Bring drinking water and a picnic lunch for sure. There is shade from the treees there but not a bad idea to take along an umbrella.

If you do get in the water, expect to see a whole variety of fish. In just a few minutes I spotted:
Manini (sargent fish)
Auoauo (yellow fin mullet
Aku'iku'i (tang)
Kala (unicorn fish)
Puffer fish
Trumpet fish, Needle fish, Box fish, ,br/> Uhu (Parrot fish) a spiny lobster (it was out of season at the time) and many more. Just make sure you take along your snorkeling gear.

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What to Do on the Big Island

Here's What to Do on the Big Island Go Fishin' Go Deep - Submarine rides Snorkeling Volcano Tours Helicopter Tours I Guarantee that You'll have the greatest time going with any of our friends her on the Big Island.

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